For almost a century!

The L&J Cafe is a uniquely flavorful link between El Paso's past and present. Originally known as "Tony's Place", the restaurant opened on the outskirts of El Paso in 1927, providing home cooking, home brew and slot machines through Prohibition. Later renamed the "L&J Cafe," a fourth generation now continues the family tradition. Delicious food and drink, excellent service and a historic (now central!) location make the L&J Cafe an enduring favorite among locals and lucky travelers alike.

Delicious Food

Locals believe that El Paso is the "Tex-Mex Capital of the World," and the L&J Cafe has set the standard for home-cooked comfort food since the 1920s. With a menu combining creative new twists on regional flavors and savory traditional plates, the L&J Cafe always satisfies popular demand for delicious borderlands food. 

Excellent Service

Aside from great food, the secret to this successful fourth-generation business is family members' continuing commitment to working in the kitchen and serving their customers. This hands-on tradition ensures the constant attention to customer needs and staff support essential for consistently excellent service.


Long known as the "Old Place by the Graveyard", the historic building provides a warm and inviting atmosphere for every occasion. The dining room features signed photos from celebrity visitors alongside historic murals found in the original walls.